Newly Launched - Cancer Awareness Merchandise
Newly Launched - Cancer Awareness Merchandise
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About us

At 35 with two young children aged 4 and 6 – Bowel Cancer was the last thing on the doctors mind but I knew something wasn’t right when I began vomiting after eating. The doctor initially put it down to a ‘tummy bug’ and then ‘digestion issues’ as I have no family history of the illness and my age was not of concern.

A couple of months later I found myself having emergency surgery on my bowel. I then found out I had Stage 3c Bowel Cancer. Shortly thereafter, this was restaged to stage 4 as I had a metastasis in my ovary which was not previously discovered.

All this was happening when COVID-19 was in full swing.

Had I realised that Bowel Cancer was not an old persons disease and there was more awareness then I may have got checked earlier, I may have questioned things that were happening – maybe not, I will never know but my objective is to use my experience and learnings to create awareness for young bowel cancer sufferers.

I have created this website as I wanted merchandise throughout my journey and could only see it relating to other cancers, I wanted more for Bowel Cancer to create ongoing awareness.

I want everything to be available to everyone and I can customise the order according to the customer.